Home Economics Courses in SHS With Job Opportunities

Home Economics Courses in SHS With Job Opportunities

Home Economics Courses in SHS are what we going to cover in this course offered guide.

Note: All the courses listed here in this guide are from the Ghana educations service register of courses for public senior high, Technical, and Vocational institutes

If you are interested in studying home economics then before taking the Basic Education Certificate Examination, one should be aware of the Home Economics Courses in SHS and the professional prospects available.

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Knowing what Home Economics Courses in SHS or Senior High is the most important thing to do before making any decisions about pursuing home economics courses in shs.

The majority of SHS courses are similar to those provided at other schools. They’re all the same and should be taken seriously and thoroughly examined.

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What most people don’t realize is that the courses students take in senior high school or SHS have a significant impact on their life once they enter tertiary education and, in some cases, their work careers.

As a result, caution should be exercised when selecting SHS or Senior High School courses.

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As a result, this article includes a comprehensive list of Home Economics Courses in SHS as well as potential job prospects associated with those courses.


The courses available will be mentioned alongside their elective subjects. Keep in mind that each home economics course’s core subjects are Core Mathematics, English LanguageSocial Studies, and Integrated Science. The following is the courses overview:

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Here are all the home economics courses in SHS or senior high school

  1. Management in living
  2. Food and nutrition
  3. General knowledge in arts
  4. Textile
  5. Economics and
  6. French
  7. Budgeting and Economics
  8. Health and Hygiene
  9. Biology


Find below all that you need to know about each course mentions above with it elective subjects as well as its future job opportunities.

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Home Economics is a very practical study that may be quite profitable if done and studied properly. Management in Living, Food and Nutrition, Arts, Textiles, Economics, French, and some General Knowledge in Arts are some of the elective subjects available in this course.

Students who complete this course can go on to work as nutritionists, nurses, interior designers, caterers, restaurant managers, and home managers, among other professions.


It’s worth noting that the senior high school course of study isn’t always the most crucial. This is because a student can teach a General Science course in senior high school but then transfer to a university to pursue Business courses.

All that matters in Senior High School is your seriousness. Make sure you study hard for your WASSCE and earn a decent grade. This will ensure that you get an excellent tertiary education.

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