Courses Offered At University of Fort Hare UFH in South Africa

In a later section of this guide, you will know the courses and cut-off points. This includes Distance Courses, Weekend Courses, Computer Courses, Degree Courses, and Diploma Courses.

For the time being, let us focus on the University of Fort Hare UFH courses.

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Courses Offered at University of Fort Hare UFH 

Below are all the courses offered at the university of Fort Hare UFH in South Africa, which is made up of certificate, diploma, degree, or undergraduate, and graduate courses and programmes.

  1. Bachelor of Education Foundation
  2. Bachelor of Education (Honours)
  3. Mathematics & Science  Education
  4. Master of Education: By dissertation only
  5. Doctor of Philosophy: Doctor of Philosophy
  6. Bachelor of Commerce (B. Com) Accounting
  7. Bachelor of Commerce (B. Com) Accounting
  8. Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) General Accounting
  9. Bachelor of Administration in Human Resource Management (HRM),
  10. Honors,& Master of Administration in Industrial-Organisational Psychology
  11. Bachelor of Commerce, Honours & Master of Commerce degrees in majors such as Economics, Information Systems, and Business Management
  12. Bachelor of Economics (B. Econ)
  13. Honors degree, Post Graduate Diploma in Economics, and Master of Commerce in Economics
  14. Bachelor of Commerce, Honours and Master of Commerce degrees in
  15. Information Systems
  16. Post Graduate Diploma in Accounting
  17. Post Graduate Diploma in Accounting (Preliminary)
  18. Bachelor of Commerce: B Com
  19. Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting)
  20. Bachelor of Commerce (General Accounting)
  21. Bachelor of Commerce (Honours): B Com (Hons)
  22. Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) in Taxation
  23. Bachelor of Economics: B Econ
  24. Master of Commerce: M Com
  25. Post Graduate Diploma in Accounting
  26. Post Graduate Diploma in Accounting
  27. Post Graduate Diploma in Economics
  28. Bachelor of Administration: B Admin
  29. Bachelor of Administration (Honours): B Admin
  30. Master of Administration: M Admin
  31. History
  32. Philosophy
  33. Anthropology
  34. Archaeology
  35. Biokinetics
  36. Communication
  37. Criminology
  38. Development Studies
  39. Information Science
  40. Library Science
  41. Human Movement Science
  42. Movement and Sport Science
  43. Political Science
  44. Psychology
  45. Public Administration
  46. Sociology
  47. Economics
  48. Geography
  49. Mathematics
  50. Statistical Methods
  51. Statistics
  52. African Law
  53. Constitutional Law and Administrative Law
  54. Criminal Law
  55. Criminal Procedure
  56. Introduction to Law
  57. Labour Law
  58. Social Security
  59. Law of Persons
  60. Customary Law A & B
  61. Law of Contracts A & B
  62. Law of Delict
  63. Law of Property
  64. Church History
  65. Religious Studies
  66. Systematic Theology
  67. Economics
  68. Industrial Sociology
  69. Legal Studies
  70. Psychology
  71. Sociology
  72. Biology
  73. Botany
  74. Chemistry
  75. Computer Science
  76. Geology
  77. Physics
  78. Zoology
  79. Computer Science
  80. Statistics
  81. Theory of Finance
  82. Bachelor of Laws
  83. Master of Laws
  84. Master of Arts in Human Rights (MA Human Rights)
  85. Doctor of Laws

Courses Offered at the University of Fort Hare UFH are made up of 85 courses or programmes, which are designed to help you in your education.

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