Courses Offered at Ghana Senior High/Tech School, Takoradi

Courses Offered at Ghana Secondary Tech School (GSTS) Takoradi

Courses offered at Ghana Senior High/Tech School, Takoradi GSTS Takoradi Courses are what we going to cover in this course offered guide.

 Note: All the courses listed here in this guide are from the Ghana educations service register of courses for public senior high, Technical, and Vocational institutes

Before taking the Basic Education Certificate Examination, one should be aware of the courses offered at Senior High School (SHS) and the professional prospects available.

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Knowing what courses are available at Ghana Senior High School is the most important thing to do before making any decisions about attending Ghana SHS.

The majority of SHS courses are similar to those provided at other schools. They’re all the same and should be taken seriously and thoroughly examined.

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What most people don’t realize is that the courses students take in senior high school or SHS have a significant impact on their life once they enter tertiary education and, in some cases, their work careers.

As a result, caution should be exercised when selecting SHS or Senior High School courses.

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As a result, this article includes a comprehensive list of SHS courses offered at Ghana Senior High School or Ghana SHS as well as potential job prospects associated with those courses.


The courses available will be mentioned alongside their elective subjects. Keep in mind that each course’s core subjects are Core Mathematics, English LanguageSocial Studies, and Integrated Science. The following is the courses overview:

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The courses offered at Ghana Senior High School are listed below

  1. Technical Studies
  2. General Art
  3. General Science


Find below all the courses and their elective subjects to help you make good choices while entering Ghana Senior High School (SHS)

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  1. Physics
  2. Chemistry
  3. Elective mathematics
  4. Biology


  1. Literature in English
  2. French
  3. Economics
  4. Geography
  5. History government and
  6. Religious studies


  1. Accounting
  2. Business management
  3. Economics
  4. Principle of costing or elective mathematics and
  5. French


  1. General knowledge of arts
  2. Textile
  3. Graphic design
  4. Literature in English
  5. French economics basketry
  6. Leatherwork
  7. Picture making
  8. Ceramics and
  9. Sculpture


  1. Management in living
  2. Food and nutrition
  3. General knowledge of arts
  4. Textile
  5. Economics and
  6. French


Find below all that you need to know about each course mentions above with its elective subjects as well as its future job opportunities.

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This course focuses on scientific-related subjects, and students who thrive academically can pursue careers in science at a variety of Ghanaian universities. Physics, Chemistry, Elective Math, and Biology are among the elective disciplines available.

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Students who complete this course are eligible to enroll in any of Ghana’s science universities and pursue careers as nurses, doctors, or other health professionals. They may also provide agriculture at the tertiary level, which would result in a large number of job openings in the industry.

Another sector is engineering, which is a tough field that receives insufficient attention. Other work prospects exist for students studying general science.


Most people believe that general art students are either afraid of arithmetic or simply lazy. What they don’t realize is that this course includes a lot of math as well as a lot of reading. It is tough, but when handled seriously, it pays dividends.

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This course offers electives in English and French literature, economics, geography, history, government, and religious studies.

The skills and information gained by studying general arts can be used in a variety of ways. While it is a reading course, it also requires a lot of practice so that the skills and knowledge gained are not wasted.

Law, writing, teaching, communication, accounting, editing, nursing language, and other professions are among them. It will all be determined by the BECE grade and the tertiary institution.


The Business course is another course that most students detest. Mostly because it requires some calculation and follows a few other rules.

Accounting, Business Management, Principles of Costing, Elective Math, French, and Economics are some of the Business elective disciplines.

When you study business, you are known to be automatically sent to the bank. Contrary to popular belief, there are other business-related jobs that one might pursue.

Business law, administration, business counselors, professors, CEOs of firms, bank managers, and a variety of other professions are among them. People are frequently locked on one side because they are unwilling to expand their wings and explore their potential.


Visual arts are one discipline that is seen as substandard and intended for those who do not excel academically. It is a sad thing to think like that about such a wonderful education, and it must be overcome.

Because of ignorance and lack of exposure, this course is labeled as such and graded incorrectly.

People who took this course are succeeding big time all over the world. It is extremely practical from the start and extremely demanding in the job market.

General Knowledge in Arts, English Literature, Graphic Design, Textile, French, Economics, Basketry, Leatherwork, Sculpture, and Ceramics are some of the elective disciplines available in this program. Others might have been overlooked.

You can become a Graphic Designer, Multimedia person, Sculpture Works, videographer, Filmmaker, and so on, depending on what you study at university and the expertise you gain.


Home Economics is a very practical study that may be quite profitable if done and studied properly. Management in Living, Food and Nutrition, Arts, Textiles, Economics, French, and some General Knowledge in Arts are some of the elective subjects available in this course.

Students who complete this course can go on to work as nutritionists, nurses, interior designers, caterers, restaurant managers, and home managers, among other professions.


Agriculture is another field of study available in senior high school. General Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, Chemistry, and Elective Maths are examples of elective courses.

Entrepreneurship, agricultural research, agricultural advicer, professional farming, and other job pathways are all related to these courses.


Another course that requires a lot of handwork and practice is this one. Woodwork, technical drawing, Chemistry, Elective Math, Building Construction, Physics, Chemistry, Electrical Technology, Welding Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and other disciplines are likely to be covered in this course.

After reading Technical programming at the SHS, one can accomplish a lot of things. IT technicians, professionals Welders, Architecture, Building Constructors, Engineers, Designers of Robots and Other Machines, Electricians, Managers, and Ministers are just a few examples of those who will benefit from further education.

It’s important to know that you don’t have to limit yourself just because you took a specific course in high school. You can always explore and expand your wings to see what you can accomplish.

However, with some of the abilities learned in these classes, any job route can be pursued and successful.

GSTS – Ghana Secondary Tech School Takoradi

A Brief History

Located in the bustling city of Takoradi, the Ghana Secondary Tech School (GSTS) was founded in 1909. Initially, the school was established as a vocational institution to provide technical education to students from various backgrounds.

Over the years, GSTS has grown into a highly-respected secondary school known for its focus on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education. Throughout its history, GSTS has remained committed to its mission of providing high-quality education that empowers students to become lifelong learners and leaders in their respective fields.

The school’s founder believed that education should be accessible to all Ghanaians regardless of socioeconomic status or background. Today, GSTS continues this legacy by providing opportunities for students from all walks of life.

Mission and Vision

GSTS’s mission is centered around empowering students with knowledge and skills that will enable them to become global citizens who can contribute positively to society. The school believes in fostering creativity and critical thinking skills among its students through experiential learning opportunities.

Moreover, GSTS aims to create an environment where every student can reach their full potential by providing a holistic education that emphasizes both academic excellence and personal growth. Through this approach, GSTS hopes to mold its graduates into ethical leaders who are equipped with the necessary tools to solve complex problems facing society today.

At GSTS Takoradi, innovation is at the forefront of everything they do. Not only does the school’s focus on STEM encourage innovation in areas such as technology and engineering but it also inspires creativity in arts-related fields such as music and drama.

Ghana Secondary Tech School (GSTS) Takoradi is a proud institution with a rich history rooted in providing quality education to all students. The school’s unwavering commitment to providing a holistic education that emphasizes both academic excellence and personal growth makes it a top choice for families looking for a nurturing and challenging environment for their children.

Campus and Facilities

Description of the campus layout and location

Ghana Secondary Tech School (GSTS) Takoradi is located in the heart of Takoradi, a bustling city in the Western Region of Ghana. The school sits on a large, sprawling campus that covers over 200 acres. The campus boasts stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean, which is just a few minutes’ walk from the school gates.

The GSTS Takoradi campus is designed to provide an optimal learning environment for students. The facilities are arranged around a central green space that serves as an outdoor gathering place for students.

There are several academic buildings on the campus, each containing classrooms and laboratories equipped with state-of-the-art technology. The buildings have large windows that allow natural light to flood into the classrooms and create a bright and airy atmosphere.

Overview of the school’s facilities, including classrooms, laboratories, and sports facilities

GSTS Takoradi has world-class facilities that are designed to support its mission of providing STEM education excellence to its students. The school has modern classrooms equipped with digital projectors, interactive whiteboards, and sound systems that enhance learning experiences.

Each classroom accommodates up to 30 students per class. In addition to traditional classrooms, GSTS Takoradi also has several specialized laboratories for science experiments such as a physics lab or chemistry lab.

Students can perform experiments safely under teacher guidance with advanced laboratory equipment such as spectrometers or oscilloscopes. Sports play an important role at GSTS Takoradi – there are various sports fields on-campus including soccer field(s), basketball court(s), tennis court(s), and volleyball court(s), among others so students can be active physically throughout their high school years in various sports they enjoy playing during their free time. Whether students want to unwind after classes or train for competitive events, they can do so within the school’s well-maintained sports facilities.


Overview of the academic programs offered at GSTS Takoradi

Ghana Secondary Tech School (GSTS) Takoradi offers a rigorous academic curriculum that prepares students for university studies and future careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields. The school offers programs for both the Ghanaian Senior High School Certificate Examination (SSCE) and the West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE). Students take core courses such as Mathematics, English Language, Social Studies, and Integrated Science, among others.

In addition to these courses, students are required to choose electives based on their career interests. These electives include physics, chemistry, biology, and further mathematics.

Discussion on the school’s focus on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education

GSTS Takoradi prides itself on its commitment to STEM education. The school is dedicated to providing its students with a strong foundation in these subjects so that they can pursue careers in STEM fields.

This focus is reflected in the school’s motto: “Scientia Potestas Est” which means “Knowledge is power.” The school aims to equip its students with the knowledge they need to succeed in today’s world. Students at GSTS Takoradi are exposed to innovative teaching methods that emphasize practical applications of scientific concepts.

For example; laboratory experiments are a key component of all science courses taught. Additionally, students are taught how to apply mathematical concepts to real-life problems through project-based learning.

Details on specialized courses such as robotics and computer programming

In addition to traditional STEM courses offered at the school; GSTS Takoradi also offers specialized classes such as robotics and computer programming. These classes give students hands-on experience with cutting-edge technologies used in industry today.

Robotics classes involve building robots from scratch while Computer Programming classes involve coding computer applications. The school has an impressive track record in STEM fields.

Many of its graduates have gone on to pursue successful careers in engineering, medicine, and computer science. The school’s commitment to STEM education has earned it recognition as one of the top academic institutions in the country.

Extracurricular Activities

Clubs and Organizations

GSTS Takoradi provides its students with an array of clubs and organizations to get involved with. From academic-focused clubs such as Mathematics Club and Robotics Club to more recreational ones like the Photography Club, there is something for every student.

These clubs provide opportunities for students to explore their interests outside of the classroom, develop new skills, build relationships, and gain leadership experience. The school also has a debate team that has made headlines in national-level debating competitions.

Sports Teams and Achievements

GSTS Takoradi is well-known for its sports teams that have excelled in various competitions both locally and nationally. The school’s track team is particularly noteworthy, having won multiple awards at the Inter-Schools Athletics Championship.

GSTS Takoradi also boasts successful basketball, volleyball, soccer, and rugby teams. These sports offer students opportunities to learn how to work as part of a team and develop their athletic abilities while staying physically active.

Cultural Events

The school encourages its students to showcase their talents beyond academic pursuits through cultural events such as drama productions and music concerts hosted throughout the year. Drama productions by GSTS Takoradi’s drama club are known to be unique with thought-provoking storylines that make it clear why they won the National Drama Festival more than once.

In addition, music concerts feature performances by individual singers and instrumentalists or groups from different genres like jazz or classical music. Overall “Extracurricular Activities” section demonstrates the variety of opportunities available for students at GSTS Takoradi outside of academics while providing them with exposure to leadership development activities within these extracurricular offerings – all while having fun!

Student Life

At Ghana Secondary Tech School (GSTS) Takoradi, student life is vibrant and engaging. The school provides a healthy balance between academic and extracurricular activities to ensure students have a holistic experience. Students have ample opportunities to participate in various clubs and organizations, including the Debate Club, Music Society, Drama Club, Science Club, and others.

These clubs provide students with an avenue to explore their interests outside of the classroom and make new friends. In addition to clubs and organizations, GSTS Takoradi offers leadership opportunities for students who want to develop their leadership skills.

The school has different student-led bodies that give students the chance to practice their leadership skills while working closely with teachers and staff members. Students can also run for positions such as head boy or girl, class representative, or prefect.

Accommodation Options for Students

GSTS Takoradi offers on-campus accommodation options for both male and female students. The dormitories are clean, comfortable, secure and well-maintained by dedicated staff members who are committed to ensuring that students feel at home during their stay. Each dormitory room is shared by 3-5 persons depending on its size so that all students can learn how to share common spaces respectfully.

The school also has a cafeteria that provides nutritious meals three times a day for all boarders while day-students have the option of eating in the cafeteria or bringing food from home. Additionally, there are provisions made for laundry services so that all boarders can keep their clothes clean throughout the term.

The Importance of Student Life

Engaging in student life activities is an essential part of secondary education as it helps students hone certain skills such as communication, teamwork, creativity & problem-solving which cannot be learned solely through academic coursework. Students who participate in extracurricular activities tend to be more well-rounded individuals who are better equipped to handle real-world challenges.

They learn how to manage their time, prioritize tasks, and develop a sense of responsibility and accountability through these activities. Furthermore, participating in student life activities allows students to explore their interests and passions in a more meaningful way than just taking classes.

It provides avenues for building relationships with like-minded peers and developing social skills that are important for success beyond school days. Overall, at GSTS Takoradi, we believe that our student’s success is not just about academic achievements but also about developing valuable life experiences that will serve them well as they transition into adulthood.

Faculty & Staff

The Best of the Best

The faculty and staff at Ghana Secondary Tech School (GSTS) Takoradi are some of the best in their fields, with many years of experience in teaching STEM education. The school prides itself on providing its students with a rigorous and challenging academic program, and the expertise of its faculty members is a key factor in achieving this goal.

Many of the teachers at GSTS Takoradi hold advanced degrees in their respective fields, ranging from electrical engineering to computer science. They are passionate about their subjects and are committed to helping their students achieve academic success.

The teachers employ various teaching strategies that promote student engagement and critical thinking skills. They understand that STEM education requires practical application, so they ensure that their students get hands-on experience through laboratory experiments, field trips, and extracurricular projects.

A Collaborative Learning Environment

The faculty and staff at GSTS Takoradi work together to provide a collaborative learning environment that encourages open communication between teachers, students, and parents. They believe that when everyone works together towards a common goal, there is no limit to what can be achieved.

This approach helps students develop teamwork skills that will serve them well throughout their lives. Many of the faculty members have received recognition for their teaching excellence both locally and internationally.

They regularly attend workshops and conferences to stay up-to-date on emerging trends in STEM education. This ensures that they are able to provide high-quality instruction utilizing modern pedagogical techniques.

Investing in Future Leaders

The faculty and staff at GSTS Takoradi understand the importance of investing in future leaders who will drive innovation across different sectors of society. As such, they take great pride in guiding young minds toward academic excellence while also instilling values such as integrity, leadership skills, and community service amongst others.

Overall, the faculty and staff at Ghana Secondary Tech School (GSTS) Takoradi are dedicated professionals who are committed to providing students with a transformative academic experience. They inspire students to push themselves to their limits and create a collaborative environment that promotes excellence in STEM education.

Admissions & Scholarships

Guidelines for Admissions into GSTS Tak

To be considered for admission to Ghana Secondary Tech School (GSTS) Takoradi, prospective students must meet the following criteria: – They must have completed basic education (junior high school) and passed the Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE).

– They must pass a written examination, which covers subjects such as mathematics, science, and English language. – They must also pass an interview conducted by the school’s admission committee.

Admission into GSTS Tak is highly competitive due to the school’s reputation for excellence in STEM education. Students who are admitted have demonstrated exceptional academic potential and are driven to succeed in their chosen fields.

Scholarship Opportunities

GSTS Tak offers several scholarship opportunities to students who excel academically. These scholarships cover tuition fees, textbooks, accommodation, and other educational expenses. The scholarships available include:

– The Headmaster’s scholarship: This scholarship covers full tuition fees for students who obtain outstanding academic results in their senior year. – The Alumni Scholarship: This scholarship is awarded to students who demonstrate exemplary leadership skills and contribute positively to their community.

– The STEM scholarship: This scholarship is awarded to students who show exceptional promise in science, technology, engineering or mathematics. These scholarships provide a tremendous opportunity for deserving students from all backgrounds to receive a world-class STEM education at no cost.


Ghana Secondary Tech School (GSTS) Takoradi has established itself as one of the premier institutions of higher learning in West Africa. With its focus on excellence in STEM education and commitment to student success, GSTS Tak has produced some of Ghana’s most talented engineers, scientists, and entrepreneurs.

For nearly 70 years now GSTS Takoradi has been providing quality education that transforms lives by providing access to opportunities for students who might not otherwise have them. With its rigorous academic programs, top-notch facilities, and supportive student community, GSTS Tak is well-positioned to continue providing an education that prepares students for success in today’s rapidly changing world.

We highly recommend Ghana Secondary Tech School (GSTS) Takoradi to any student seeking a challenging and rewarding education in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics. It is indeed a school of excellence that produces brilliant minds who go on to make valuable contributions to society.


It’s worth noting that the senior high school course of study isn’t always the most crucial. This is because a student can teach a General Science course in senior high school but then transfer to a university to pursue Business courses.

All that matters in Senior High School is your seriousness. Make sure you study hard for your WASSCE and earn a decent grade. This will ensure that you get an excellent tertiary education.

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