Simms Senior High School: Logo, Entrance, Category, Uniform, Photos, Campus, Building

Simms Senior High School: Logo, Entrance, Category, Uniform, Photos, Campus, Building

Simms Senior High School: Nurturing Future Leaders and Scholars In the bustling town of Simms, nestled amidst picturesque landscapes, stands a beacon of education and excellence – Simms Senior High School. Established over a century ago, this esteemed institution has consistently provided students with an exceptional learning environment while fostering personal growth and character development.

As one of the most prestigious high schools in the region, Simms Senior High School holds an illustrious reputation for producing accomplished graduates who go on to make significant contributions to society. At Simms Senior High School, education is not merely about acquiring knowledge; it is about shaping young minds into well-rounded individuals equipped with the skills and values necessary to thrive in an ever-changing world.

The dedicated faculty and staff at Simms understand that high school plays a pivotal role in shaping students’ lives, laying the foundation for future success. Consequently, they are committed to providing a nurturing and academically rigorous environment where students can explore their passions while acquiring essential life skills.

Simms Senior High School embodies the philosophy that high schools are not just educational institutions but also vibrant communities where personal growth is nurtured alongside academic achievement. Beyond classroom instruction, students are encouraged to engage in extracurricular activities such as sports teams, clubs, volunteer work, leadership opportunities, and community service projects.

These activities not only add depth to their overall education but also promote teamwork, creativity, critical thinking abilities, and empathy. High school years are often considered transformative for adolescents as they navigate through various challenges while discovering their identities and aspirations.

It is during this crucial period that students develop their interests and talents while building relationships that may last a lifetime. At Simms Senior High School, these formative years are carefully guided by experienced educators who recognize their responsibility in preparing students for higher education or entry into the workforce.

As we delve deeper into examining what makes Simms Senior High School a model institution, we will explore its illustrious history, impressive campus and facilities, diverse academic programs, and the plethora of extracurricular opportunities available for students. Together, these elements create an educational ecosystem that fosters intellectual curiosity, and personal growth, and prepares students to face the challenges of a rapidly evolving world.

Simms Senior High School Summary

Category C
Type Public
Gender Mixed
Status Day and Boarding
Numbers of Programs 6
Subjects Agriculture, Business, Home Economics, Visual Arts, General Arts and General Science
Location Fawoade
Simm Senior High School Code 0050702

History of Simms Senior High School?

What Is the History of Simms Senior High School?

Simms Senior High School, nestled in the heart of a small suburban town, has a rich history that stretches back to its humble beginnings in the early 1900s. Founded against the backdrop of an era marked by educational reform and societal progress, Simms Senior High School emerged as a pioneering institution.

It was established with a vision to provide quality education to local students and equip them with the knowledge and skills necessary for success in an evolving world. Amidst great anticipation, Simms Senior High School’s doors opened for the first time on September 4, 1912.

The school’s origins can be traced back to a collaborative effort between prominent community leaders and educators who recognized the need for secondary education opportunities in their town. With foresight and determination, they secured funding from both public and private sources to establish this institution, which would go on to shape countless lives throughout its existence.

Notable Alumni and Their Contributions to Society

Over the years, Simms Senior High School has nurtured exceptional talent and fostered an environment conducive to academic excellence. Its alumni have gone on to make significant contributions across various fields, leaving an indelible mark on society.

One such notable alumnus is Dr. Elizabeth Thompson, an acclaimed medical researcher specializing in infectious diseases. After graduating from Simms Senior High School with honors, Dr. Thompson pursued her passion for scientific inquiry at renowned universities before making groundbreaking discoveries that revolutionized treatment protocols for several diseases.

Another esteemed graduate is Robert Ramirez, a celebrated award-winning author known for his thought-provoking novels exploring themes of identity and social justice. Ramirez attributes his formative years at Simms Senior High School as instrumental in developing his love for literature and nurturing his unique storytelling abilities.

These remarkable individuals exemplify the legacy of Simms Senior High School, showcasing how its commitment to academic excellence and holistic education has produced exceptional alumni who have made their mark on society. With an illustrious history spanning over a century, Simms Senior High School continues to build upon its legacy and inspire the next generation of leaders, innovators, and change-makers.

Simms Senior High School Address

Get in contact with Simms Senior High School at the addresses below

Address: Mampong Road, Kumasi Fawoade

Phone: 055 712 3463/ 0241161136


Simm Senior High School Logo

Simm Senior High Schoolclogo

Simms Senior High School’s logo symbolizes its mission, beliefs, and goals. Like any school logo, it fosters pride, solidarity, and awareness among the school community. Simms Senior High School’s logo captures the school’s spirit and character through its distinctive style and symbolism.

The Simms Senior High School logo symbolizes the school’s mission and principles. The logo’s design, colors, and symbols represent the school’s vision, aims, and educational philosophy.

The logo may include Simms Senior High School-specific components. This may contain emblems of the school’s culture, history, or location. It may also emphasize academic excellence, personal growth, community engagement, or other school values.

The Simms Senior High School logo unites students, faculty, alumni, and the community. It reminds school members of their shared achievements and generates a sense of belonging and pride.

The Simms Senior High School logo symbolizes the school’s identity, beliefs, and goals. It conveys the school’s mission and unites the community.

Simms senior high school campus and Facilities

Here and beautiful campus and the facilities at Simm Senior High School

Simms Senior High School Location

Nestled amidst the picturesque outskirts of a quaint suburban town, Simms Senior High School boasts a sprawling campus that spans over 50 acres of lush greenery.

Tucked away from bustling city life, this serene setting provides an ideal environment for students to immerse themselves in their academic pursuits. The school’s well-thought-out location ensures that students are shielded from distractions while still being accessible to nearby communities.

The expansive campus is strategically divided into distinct sections, each serving different purposes. As you enter through the main gate, you are greeted by a long tree-lined drive that leads to the heart of the school.

The placement of buildings on either side creates a sense of grandeur and sets an inspiring tone for both students and visitors alike. Simms Senior High School takes pride in its vast outdoor spaces, offering plenty of room for recreational activities and creating a harmonious blend between nature and education.

Simm Senior High School Building 

The architecture at Simms Senior High School is a testament to modernity blended with timeless elegance. A harmonious mix of glass facades, sleek lines, and tasteful landscaping creates an aesthetic appeal that captures attention from afar.

The designers carefully crafted spaces that encourage creativity, collaboration, and growth. One notable feature is the state-of-the-art library situated at the center of the campus—a hub for knowledge seekers.

With its floor-to-ceiling windows allowing natural light to flood in, it offers breathtaking views while providing conducive environments for studying or group discussions. The library’s contemporary design seamlessly integrates technology with traditional learning resources.

Another architectural marvel is the performing arts center—an auditorium adorned with magnificent acoustics and an elegant stage draped in velvet curtains. This venue has witnessed countless memorable performances ranging from musicals to talent shows, leaving audiences in awe of the school’s commitment to nurturing artistic talents.

Simms senior high school entrance

This is a picture of Simms Senior high school entrance to the school

Well-Maintained Sports Fields, Gymnasiums, and Auditoriums

Simms Senior High School takes immense pride in providing excellent facilities for physical education and extracurricular sports. The meticulously maintained sports fields sprawl across the campus, offering ample space for football, soccer, baseball, and track and field events.

These verdant fields not only cater to students’ love for sports but also serve as gathering places for community events and friendly competitions. The gymnasiums at Simms Senior High School are well-equipped with top-of-the-line exercise machines, allowing students to exercise and stay fit throughout the year.

With their spacious interiors and high ceilings, these gyms provide an ideal setting for a range of activities such as basketball tournaments or yoga classes. Moreover, the auditoriums within the school are designed to host large-scale events such as assemblies, award ceremonies, or theatrical performances.

The comfortable seating arrangements ensure that everyone can enjoy these events with ease while immersing themselves in the cultural richness of Simms Senior High School. As a testament to their commitment to student development both inside and outside the classroom, Simms Senior High School’s well-designed campus and exceptional facilities create an environment that fosters growth, creativity, and a sense of community.

Simm Senior High School Courses

Here are the courses offered at Simms Senior High School:

  1. Agriculture
  2. Business
  3. Home economics
  4. Visual Art
  5. General Art
  6. General Science

Simms Senior High School takes immense pride in providing a comprehensive range of subjects that foster intellectual growth and prepare students for a dynamic future. The core subjects offered at Simms Senior High School encompass English, math, science, and social studies.

English classes go beyond the basic principles of grammar and literature, delving into critical analysis, creative writing, and communication skills. Math classes progress from foundational concepts to advanced topics like calculus and statistics, preparing students for college-level mathematics.

Science courses cover a wide spectrum including biology, chemistry, physics, and environmental science, ensuring students acquire a well-rounded scientific education. Social studies courses explore history, geography, sociology, and political science to cultivate an understanding of global issues.

Exploring the Horizons: Electives Galore

In addition to the core subjects mentioned above, Simms Senior High School offers an impressive array of elective courses designed to cater to diverse student interests.

The art department provides opportunities for students to express themselves through visual arts such as painting and sculpture or performative arts like theater and dance.

The music program offers a variety of instrumental and vocal classes allowing students to nurture their musical talents while fostering teamwork through ensembles such as orchestra or choir.

Simms Senior High School recognizes the importance of cultural awareness in today’s interconnected world; thus it boasts an extensive foreign languages department offering courses in Spanish, French Mandarin Chinese among others. Students can delve into the intricacies of different cultures while developing proficiency in their chosen language.

The school also takes vocational education seriously by offering practical courses that equip students with real-life skills essential for various industries such as culinary arts or automotive technology. These vocational programs prepare students not only for immediate entry into the workforce but also provide a foundation for higher education opportunities in related fields.

Reaching for Excellence: Advanced Placement (AP) Courses

Simms Senior High School understands the importance of challenging students academically and providing them with opportunities to earn college credits while still in high school. Hence, it offers a comprehensive range of Advanced Placement (AP) courses.

These rigorous classes are equivalent to college-level courses and are taught by highly qualified instructors. Students who excel in AP exams gain valuable college credits, giving them a head start in their academic journey.

The variety of AP subjects available at Simms Senior High School includes English Literature, Calculus, Biology, Physics, U.S. History, Psychology, and many more. The school’s commitment to excellence extends beyond the curriculum by actively supporting students in their preparation for these rigorous exams.

From intensive study sessions to comprehensive review materials, Simms Senior High School ensures that students are adequately equipped to excel in AP courses and embrace the challenges presented by higher education institutions. By offering such an enriched tapestry of subjects encompassing core disciplines, diverse electives, and advanced placement courses, Simms Senior High School empowers its students to pursue their passions while fostering intellectual growth and preparing them for a successful future.

Simms senior high school photos

Simms Senior High School images show the educational institution’s energy. These images show students, faculty, and the school community’s daily activities and accomplishments. Simms Senior High School images illustrate the school’s different experiences and successes.

Students engage in classroom discussions, extracurricular activities, and events. They show Simms Senior High School’s collaboration, learning, and personal progress.

These photographs show students and teachers bonding, celebrating milestones, and creating a pleasant, inclusive learning environment. Simms Senior High School images show the school’s principles and spirit through academic excellence, sports accomplishments, artistic endeavors, and community involvement.

These photographs also inspire and pride the school community. They can be shared with current students, alumni, parents, and the community to celebrate Simms Senior High School and its students. These photos preserve memories and shape the school’s legacy.

In conclusion, Simms Senior High School photographs depict the active and diverse school community. They show the school’s principles via study, collaboration, achievement, and personal growth. These images inspire, connect, and pride students, staff, alumni, and the community.

Simms Senior High School Uniform

The Simms Senior High School uniform fosters a sense of unity, discipline, and school spirit among its pupils. The uniform promotes a sense of equality and professionalism within the school community and functions as a symbol of belonging.

Students at Simms Senior High School are required to don a uniform consisting of specific clothing and accessories. Typically, these uniforms consist of a shirt or blouse, pants or skirts, and sometimes a tie or other accessories. Typically, the colors, design, and manner of a school’s uniform reflect its traditions, values, or official colors.

Uniforms at Simms Senior High School foster a sense of equality among students by eliminating socioeconomic and fashion-related differences. It helps level the playing field by placing a greater emphasis on individual character and academic accomplishments than on external appearances.

The school uniform instills in students a sense of discipline and professionalism. Students are prepared for future academic and professional endeavors by adhering to a dress code that encourages them to present themselves in a neat and presentable manner.

In addition, the Simms Senior High School uniform promotes school spirit and nurtures a sense of community among the student body. When students wear the school uniform, they become school ambassadors and are readily identifiable as members of the Simms Senior High School community.

In conclusion, the Simms Senior High School uniform promotes unity, discipline, and school pride among students. In addition to preparing students for future academic and professional endeavors, it promotes equality, professionalism, and school spirit within the school community.

Simms Senior High School Category

Simms Senior High is a Category C school

Extracurricular Activities and Clubs

A Diverse Range of Clubs Catering to Various Interests

Simms Senior High School prides itself on providing students with a vibrant extracurricular program that caters to a wide array of interests. Recognizing the importance of fostering a well-rounded education, the school offers an extensive list of clubs and activities that allow students to explore their passions beyond the walls of the classroom. Whether students are fascinated by science, eager to engage in public speaking, or have a flair for the dramatic arts, Simms Senior High School has clubs that cater specifically to their interests.

STEM Club: Igniting Scientific Curiosity

For aspiring scientists and engineers, Simms Senior High School’s STEM Club is truly a haven. This club brings together like-minded individuals who share an insatiable curiosity for scientific exploration.

Under the guidance of dedicated faculty advisors, students engage in hands-on experiments, innovative projects, and collaborative research initiatives. From designing robots to participating in regional science fairs, members of the STEM Club develop critical thinking skills and gain invaluable insights into various fields such as biology, chemistry, physics, and computer science.

Debate Club: Nurturing Oratorical Prowess

Simms Senior High School’s Debate Club is where aspiring public speakers find their voice. With a focus on honing communication skills and logical reasoning abilities, this club provides students with an unrivaled platform for engaging in thought-provoking discussions and competitive debates.

Members are encouraged to research current events and develop persuasive arguments on complex topics ranging from politics to ethics. Through regular practice sessions and participation in inter-school debates, members of the Debate Club not only improve their ability to articulate ideas effectively but also foster open-mindedness by considering diverse perspectives.

Drama Club: Unleashing Artistic Expressions

The Drama Club at Simms Senior High School is a vibrant community where theater enthusiasts find their creative spark. This club offers students the opportunity to explore different aspects of the performing arts, including acting, directing, stage design, and playwriting.

With annual productions that showcase their talent and hard work, members of the Drama Club develop confidence, teamwork skills, and a deep appreciation for the transformative power of storytelling. Whether it’s bringing Shakespearean classics to life or staging contemporary dramas, this club fosters a supportive environment where students can nurture their artistic passions.

Simms Senior High School Prospectus

The following is a comprehensive list of Simms Senior High School Prospectus:

  1. Hymn Book/ Presbyterian Hymn Book
  2. Iron
  3. Touch Light – Battery/ Solar Flash Light
  4. Plate, Bowls, Cutlery Set Cup
  5. Napkin
  6. Bible
  7. 1 White T. Shirt
  8. 1 Blue T. Shirt
  9. Church Cloth and Jumper (School Specified)
  10. Long Sleeves Shirt (2) White
  11. 3. Pyjamas
  12. Shorts 2 (Khaki)
  13. Singlet (3) White
  14. Trousers 2 (Khaki)
  15. Socks (black and brown)
  16. Tie (School Tie)
  17. Belt (black and brown) (2), Blanket, Pillow
  18. Boxer Short (6)
  19. Sleeping Cloth
  20. Mosquito Net
  21. Cardigan or Sweater
  22. Sponge, Sponge Bag, Towel
  23. Bucket
  24. Toilet Roll (1 Pack)
  25. Tooth Paste and Tooth Brush
  26. Bathroom Slippers (1)
  27. Comb, Hairbrush, Pomade
  28. Trunk or Suitcase
  29. Chop Box
  30. White Bed Sheets
  31. Mackintosh–covered Mattress
  32. Mathematical Set, Calculator
  33. School Bag
  34. Rain Coat/ Umbrella
  35. A Pair of Shoes (black or brown)
  36. Canvas/ Sneakers


  1. 3. Night Dress
  2. Dress 2 (White)
  3. Singlet (3) White
  4. Underwears 6
  5. Socks
  6. 9. Blanket, Pillow
  7. Sleeping Cloth
  8. Mosquito Net
  9. Cardigan or Sweater
  10. Church Cloth and Jumper (School Specified)
  11. Check (2)
  12. Sponge, Sponge Bag, Towel
  13. Bucket
  14. Toilet Roll (1 Pack)
  15. Tooth Paste and Tooth Brush
  16. Bathroom Slippers (1)
  17. Comb, Hairbrush, Pomade
  18. Trunk or Suitcase
  19. Chop Box
  20. White Bed Sheets
  21. Mackintosh–covered Mattress
  22. Mathematical Set, Calculator
  23. School Bag
  24. Rain Coat/ Umbrella
  25. A Pair of Shoes (black or brown)
  26. Canvas/ Sneakers
  27. Hymn Book/ Presbyterian Hymn Book
  28. Iron
  29. Touch Light – Battery/ Solar Flash Light
  30. Plate, Bowls, Cutlery Set Cup
  31. Napkin
  32. Bible
  33. 1 White T. Shirt
  34. 1 Blue T. Shirt


Take Careful Note

1. Each student must bring their National Health Insurance Card. Students who do not bring the required quantity of items will be sent home immediately to retrieve them.

2. All new enrollees must be in good health. They will be required to participate in all physical education activities and schoolwork. In-school medical examinations will be conducted.


Simms Senior High School not only shines academically but also takes pride in providing an enriching extracurricular experience for its students. The diverse range of clubs available ensures that every student can find a community that aligns with their interests and allows them to explore new horizons. Engaging in extracurricular activities nurtures essential skills beyond classroom learning – be it scientific inquiry through the STEM Club or communication prowess through the Debate Club.

Moreover, participation in clubs like Drama Club fosters creativity and self-expression while building invaluable teamwork and confidence. By offering such diverse opportunities for personal growth and exploration, Simms Senior High School ensures that students receive a well-rounded education that extends far beyond textbooks.

These extracurricular activities not only enhance academic performance but also cultivate life skills that will benefit students long after they graduate. Simms Senior High School truly prepares its students to become well-rounded individuals equipped with both knowledge and experiences to thrive in an ever-evolving world.

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