Essay on My Favourite Teacher in 400, 500, 600, 700 Words for Class 1-12

Each of us has a favorite teacher at our school. Here are some “My Favorite Teacher” essays in 400, 500, 600, and 700 words for students in classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12.

My Favourite Teacher Essay in 400 Words

We encounter numerous Teachers throughout our lives. Not all Teachers are identical. A few of them are truly exceptional, and they influence us in various ways. We can refer to them as our preferred Teachers. I have a favored Teacher at school. In this essay, I’ll be discussing her.

My Favorite Teacher:

The name of my Favorite teacher is Sanjana Ahmed. She is 30 years old and our science Teacher. Previously, I was unable to comprehend this topic at all. However, due to his instruction, I am now fluent in science, and it is one of my favored subjects.

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I enjoy her class immensely. We do not fear her because she is extremely affable. We may ask her any class-related questions. She is exceptionally talented and able to elucidate everything in detail. Each student gives close attention in class.

And we have an outstanding outcome in her field. She monitors the activity of each student and routinely attends parent meetings. She assists the parents in taking appropriate care of their children. She is incredibly energizing and motivating.

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We are always inspired by her, and she encourages us to study harder in order to achieve success in life. I believe this and am aware that we must exert effort to achieve improved results. She has so many admirable qualities and behaviors.

These qualities distinguished her from other Teachers and made her unique. She is so helpful and kind. She sometimes provides financial assistance to needy pupils and pays special attention to those who perform poorly. She is a member of the school’s administration.

She is involved in numerous social activities that promote the welfare of society. She is always cheerful and never furious with anyone. She always informs us of her struggles. Her story provides so much motivation.

She provides weak and impoverished students with free tutoring so that they can perform better on their exams. Her method of instruction is highly original and distinctive. Due to her teaching style, the majority of her pupils pass the course and final examination.


Everyone has a special teacher in their existence. His influence is excessive in our lives. They teach us so many lessons, and we acquire so much knowledge from them. Teachers play a significant role in our lives.

Essay on My Favourite Teacher in 500 Words

I have a favored Teacher at school. We all have special Teachers who have made greater contributions to our lives. They provide exceptional assistance. In addition, I will now discuss my Favorite teacher.

My Favorite Teacher Essay In 500 Words:

Mr. Adjei is my preferred Teacher. He is forty years old and resides close to the school campus. He is our Math Teacher and is our class teacher. I was terrified of this topic. But after receiving his instruction, I am now proficient in mathematics.

I am able to solve all problems. His method of instruction is highly original and distinctive. When he explains, all levels of students can comprehend every single math problem. With his assistance, I now have a firm grasp on a multitude of Mathematical concepts I was previously confused about.

Whatever he teaches me, I can readily retain the information. It has been made possible by his effective instructional style. We performed exceptionally well in Math on our most recent school exam. He is extremely pleased with our progress.

Characteristics of My Favorite Teacher:

He possesses all the qualities of an excellent educator. He suggests we become punctual because he is extremely punctual. He favors pupils who consistently attend class. He is never absent from class. Regardless of the circumstance, he will attend class.

His sociability and sense of humor are outstanding. He is renowned for his instructing abilities. He never gives us an excessive amount of homework or assignments. He understands the limitation and assigns tasks accordingly.

His helpfulness is the most essential aspect of his character. He assists struggling students and provides them with extra time after class. Numerous understudies receive free instruction from him. He consistently motivates us to study harder and earn better grades.

Additionally, he promotes extracurricular activities. There are so many events that we celebrate at school, and he is also in charge of directing them. Because he is an effective communicator, he serves as a host or presenter at these events.

What Interests My Favorite Teacher Most:

He enjoys gardening the most as a hobby. He maintains a garden in front of his residence. He is also assisting us in creating a garden at the school. He has provided us with a comprehensive garden design. Every student is working on this assignment.

He is our chief executive officer. We carried along numerous flowering plants. He is also an excellent athlete. He occasionally accompanies us in the field. He teaches us how to play cricket more effectively. In his day, he was an accomplished cricketer.

His batting ability is still remarkable. He bats extremely well. In addition to all of these, he enjoys reading books in his spare time. In addition, he suggests books to read.


All of this pertains to my greatest educator. He is the most significant individual in my existence. He has made numerous positive and beneficial contributions to my existence.

Essay on My Favourite Teacher in 600 Words

 600-Word Essay on My Favorite Teacher

Education is a vital aspect of human existence, and teachers play a crucial role in this regard. They teach children about life and provide a genuine education. Teachers play a unique role in our lives. They’re responsible for our education.

However, some Teachers are exceptional and have a significant impact on our lives. There are teachers who motivate us to achieve greatness. I have a very special Teacher in my life, and I will describe her here.

My Favorite Teacher:

Mrs. Mercy Adjei is my Favorite educator at this institution. She has 35 years of age. She is our English Teacher and class teacher. She has a very clean English dialect and can speak English nonstop. English was the most difficult subject for me, but with her assistance, I am now proficient in this area.

Her instructional method is distinctive. When I’m doing my English homework, I feel as though I’m doing something incredibly fascinating. This is feasible due to her teaching style. Her explanation abilities are excellent. She can elucidate nearly everything in a humorous manner.

She is a kind and caring woman. She is never impolite in the classroom. She is willing to teach us again if we do not comprehend the lesson. However, she can be quite strict at times, prohibiting all forms of undisciplined activities.

She is a disciplined, diligent woman. Students who are punctual are her favorites. She occasionally discusses extracurricular matters and teaches us moral values and good practices.

She instructs us on how to maintain our health and personal hygiene. These suggestions and teachings are crucial to our lives. Very few Teachers discuss these topics.

Why is She a Favorite Teacher?

There are numerous reasons why she is my favorite Teacher. The primary reason is her character. We are all impressed by her remarkable and courageous personality. She is very conscious of her fashion and appearance.

She is one of the most attractive women in the school. There are numerous additional reasons. She is extremely disciplined and teaches us to be so as well. She assisted the entire class in developing a daily schedule so that we could better manage our time.

This is how we improved our study’s results. She is an excellent orator. She conducts all school functions as a presenter because she is so skilled at public speaking. The majority of people in the institution adore her greatly. Her edifying words are very beneficial to us.

We receive more requests to research and improve our performance. She has a stronger relationship with our parents. She instructs parents on how to handle their children in order to increase productivity. Her parents are also fond of her. Overall, she is the ideal teacher for the school, and she is adored by all students.

Characteristics of My Favorite Teacher:

Mrs. Tania possesses a multitude of qualities, which contributes to her schoolwide popularity. She is a talented singer and has occasionally performed at school functions. Her presentation skills are remarkable, and she presents at various school functions. She has extensive knowledge in numerous fields. She serves as a tremendous source of inspiration for the entire institution.


All of this pertains to my greatest educator. I understand that everyone has distinct preferences, but Mrs. Tania is the best teacher for me. I really appreciate her class. And I believe she is the most ideal educator in the school.

Essay on My Favourite Teacher in 700 Words

 700-Word Essay on My Favorite Teacher

Our teachers perform a vital role in our lives. Throughout our time as students, we encounter a variety of Teachers who have a significant impact on our lives. Some educators are unique and exceptional. We refer to them as our beloved Teachers. They affect our thinking and our lives in various ways.

They always possess extraordinary abilities. Today, I will discuss my favorite teacher from secondary school. I’ve had a number of exceptional teachers throughout my life, and I can list the finest of them here. Here, however, I will focus on a particular individual who is very special.

My Favorite Teacher:

My greatest educator is Mr. Sanjay Sinha. He has 45 years of age. He instructs us in English at school. My favorite subject has always been English, and I intend to pursue English Literature in the future. Mr. Sanjay has a forthright personality and a strong rapport with his students.

The greatest part is that he is also our class Teacher. We must begin classes with his class. He is an expert in his field. His unique method of instruction encourages me to read more and more.

Because he explains everything in class thoroughly, I don’t have to put in too much effort to complete my assignments. He genuinely cares about his students’ education. Consequently, he enjoys accepting responsibility.

Why is She referred to as ‘My Favorite Teacher’?

Mr. Sanjay is my Favorite Teacher for a number of reasons. First and foremost, I greatly admire his instructional style. When he enters the classroom, the entire class falls mute and focuses on him.

This is his unique ability. He is able to command everyone’s attention and make the classroom engaging and pleasant for us. His instructions allow even the weakest students to learn their courses with ease. He cares about his students and adores them.

This is a crucial aspect of his character. There are fewer educators who do so. But he is consistently exceptional. He prefers visiting his students’ homes and managing their lives. He frequently meets with parents and advises them on how to improve a child’s performance.

His extraordinary forbearance has made him very unique. Regardless of how violent the class is, he can manage everything with care. It is extremely easy for him to gain control of his limb.

He has a distinct personality throughout the entire institution. His ability as a public speaker is extremely distinctive and intriguing. Therefore, he conducts all school events as a presenter. This is one of his many stunning talents and abilities.

His or Her Way of Life and Routine:

He has a very simple lifestyle, similar to that of other individuals. However, his excellent and strict routine has made him ideal. He is familiar with punctuality. He dislikes students who arrive late to class. He awakens early in the morning and reports to work.

Even at this age, his physical fitness is quite robust. He occasionally visits the gym for exercise. Then he consumes his brunch and rests. After taking a shower, he prepares for school. After a day at school, he returns home to prepare his supper.

He is an avid sports fan. He continues to play cricket and football. He frequently visits the field and enjoys playing with the young lads. It adds to the field’s appeal, and he instructs everyone on how to perform better.

Hobbies of My Preferred Teacher:

Mr. Sanjay is a gardening enthusiast. He has created a lovely garden in front of his home. Even he is guiding us in the creation of our school garden. Reading is another of Mr. Sanjay’s interests. He recommends diverse types of books that he has perused.


Everyone has a special Teacher in their lives, and this teacher has a significant impact on the lives of their students. Mr. Sanjay inspires me constantly. I regard him as my idol and aspire to emulate him in the future. When I consider him, I am filled with immense respect. Indeed, he has a wonderful personality.

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