David Rubel Education Consultant

David Rubel Education Consultant

The role of education consultants has become increasingly important in today’s society. As our educational systems continue to evolve, so do the challenges that schools and districts face. Education consultants like David Rubel provide expert advice and guidance to schools, districts, teachers, parents, and students on how to navigate these challenges.

What is an Education Consultant?

An education consultant is a professional who specializes in providing advice and support on a range of education-related issues. They may work independently or as part of a consulting firm, providing insights into curriculum development, teacher training, student assessment, school improvement plans, and strategic planning for educational organizations.

David Rubel’s Background and Expertise

David Rubel has over 30 years of experience as an educator and consultant. He holds both a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education from the University of Rhode Island and a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership from Keene State College.

He also holds numerous certifications including Principal Certification K-12. Throughout his career, David has worked with many schools and districts across the United States to help improve student achievement through effective leadership strategies.

His expertise lies in strategic planning for educational organizations, school improvement planning initiatives for struggling schools or districts, as well as customized professional development programs for educators at all levels. With the ever-changing landscape of education systems today it can be hard to keep up with new trends or address ongoing issues without expert guidance from an education consultant like David Rubel.

Their expertise can help identify problems within your organization that you might not even know exist while providing solutions that are tailored specifically to your needs. With his extensive background and impressive track record of success in this field – he is definitely one worth considering when looking at improving your school’s performance or overall strategy moving forward.

The Early Education and Career Path of David Rubel

David Rubel was born and raised in the United States. He began his educational journey in a public school system, where he quickly excelled as a student.

He obtained his early education in New York, graduating from high school with honors. Afterward, he pursued higher education at Boston University, where he majored in Education.

Majors and Certifications Earned by David Rubel

David Rubel’s educational background is impressive. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Education from Boston University.

Additionally, he pursued further studies at Columbia University, earning two Master’s degrees: one in Curriculum Development and Instructional Leadership, and the other in Educational Administration. David Rubel also holds several professional certifications that complement his academic achievements.

These certifications include being recognized as an Educational Leadership Certified Trainer by the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD). This credential provides a comprehensive understanding of effective leadership strategies that lead to improved practices for teaching and learning.

Professional Experience of David Rubel

Over the years, David Rubel has garnered extensive professional experience working in various roles within the field of education. His experience encompasses classroom teaching to administrative positions both nationally and internationally. He began his career as an elementary school teacher before transitioning into an Assistant Principal position at Washington Heights Expeditionary Learning School (WHEELS) where he developed curriculums for students to learn through real-world experiences while working on projects that aligned with grade-level standards.

Later on, after serving as principal for several years at different schools within New York City’s Public School System; he became an education consultant providing strategic planning guidance to various institutions across the country on designing innovative academic programs that promote student achievement and teacher excellence. Through each role held by David Rubel throughout his career path so far; it is evident how his expertise and passion for education have helped him to be a trusted and respected leader in the field.

David Rubel’s Consulting Services

As an education consultant, David Rubel offers a wide range of services to schools, districts, and other educational organizations. His primary goal is to help these institutions improve their educational programs and outcomes for students. Some of the services that he offers as a consultant include:

Educational Program Evaluation

One of the key services that David Rubel provides is an evaluation of existing educational programs. He analyzes the effectiveness of the current curriculum, teaching methods, and student assessment strategies in use at an institution. Based on his findings, he makes recommendations for improvements and works with school leaders to implement changes.

For example, in one project with a local school district, David Rubel was hired to evaluate their high school math program. He found that there were inconsistencies in teacher instruction and gaps in student knowledge.

To address these issues, he recommended changes in instructional strategies and additional professional development for teachers. As a result of his consulting work, the district saw improved student performance on standardized math exams.

Leadership Coaching

David Rubel also offers leadership coaching to administrators and other school leaders. He works with them one-on-one to develop strategies for improving communication with staff members, managing change within an organization, and creating effective systems for decision-making. For instance, a superintendent who was struggling with a contentious relationship between teachers’ unions during contract negotiations reached out to David Rubel for guidance on how best to approach his situation. Through coaching sessions, he helped him develop techniques including active listening skills, empathy, etc which helped him break down barriers between both parties.

Curriculum Development

Another area where David Rubel provides consulting services in curriculum development. He assists schools or districts in developing new curricula or modifying existing ones based on feedback from teachers’ input. He utilizes his expertise in different teaching approaches and pedagogical theories to help schools create comprehensive, engaging curricula that address the needs of all learners.

For instance, he worked with a charter school in California to develop a new STEM curriculum. Through collaboration with the school’s teachers and administrators, he helped identify gaps in current offerings and designed a curriculum that was both engaging and challenging for students.

The new STEM program saw an increase in student engagement, improved test scores, and positive feedback from parents. Overall, David Rubel’s consulting services offer educational institutions tremendous value by providing insights into improving important areas like student performance, teaching methods, and staff development among others towards achieving the ultimate goal of better learning outcomes for students.

Astounding Areas of Expertise

David Rubel has a wide range of knowledge and expertise in various areas of education. One of his main areas of interest is curriculum development. He has extensive experience in creating and implementing curricula that are effective, engaging, and meet the needs of students and teachers alike.

David understands the importance of developing curricula that align with standards, yet still allow for creativity and flexibility in teaching methods. He works with educators to create a framework that encourages collaboration while ensuring that students receive a well-rounded education that prepares them for success in college or the workforce.

In addition to curriculum development, David Rubel also has significant experience in teacher professional development. He believes that investing in the growth and development of educators is critical to achieving educational excellence.

David provides targeted professional learning opportunities for teachers so they can improve their instructional practices, increase student engagement, and foster a positive learning environment. By utilizing various coaching strategies such as modeling lessons, co-teaching, or reflective practice he helps teachers to grow their skills and confidence.

Another one of David’s areas of expertise is data analysis and assessment design. He knows that data-driven decision-making is essential for improving student achievement outcomes; therefore he implements best practices around data collection tools like formative assessments to gauge student understanding during instruction or summative assessments at key points throughout the year.

Expertise Impacting Schools & Districts

David Rubel’s wide range of expertise can help schools overcome challenges they may be facing within an ever-changing educational system. For example, his knowledge about designing curricula aligned with state standards can help schools stay on track with state mandates while still providing high-quality instruction tailored to local community needs.

He understands how accountability measures have intensified in recent years – through his expertise in data analysis he helps schools use assessment results to inform teaching practice whilst optimizing resource allocation based on performance metrics to achieve more efficient and effective outcomes. David Rubel’s focus on teacher professional development also has a profound impact on schools and districts.

By empowering educators with new skills and strategies, they can better assess, plan, and implement instruction in their classrooms. Through collaboration between educators, instructional leaders like David can help create a positive school culture resulting in higher teacher retention rates and increased student performance.

Expertise Impacting Teachers, Parents & Students

David Rubel’s expertise is not limited to schools or districts. He recognizes that parents play an important role in their child’s education; therefore he works with them to understand how they can be more involved in their child’s learning experience. He provides workshops that equip parents with tools to help support academic success at home and helps bridge the communication gap between teachers and parents.

Additionally, David Rubel focuses on helping students develop critical thinking skills that are essential for success in college or the workforce. He emphasizes the importance of personalized learning experiences that meet students at their own level; this leads to increased student engagement which results in deeper learning opportunities.

David Rubel’s impressive expertise has a wide range of positive impacts across all aspects of education – from curriculum development to data analysis to teacher professional development. His dedication to improving educational practices makes him an invaluable asset for any school district or organization seeking knowledgeable guidance and long-term educational success.

Benefits of Hiring an Education Consultant like David Rubel

Education consultants play a crucial role in today’s society by helping schools, districts, and other educational organizations navigate the complex landscape of policies, regulations, and best practices. By hiring an expert like David Rubel, educational institutions can gain a wide range of benefits that can lead to better outcomes for students, teachers, and administrators. Here are some of the key advantages that hiring an education consultant like David Rubel can provide:

Expertise in the Field

The primary advantage that education consultants bring to the table is their deep knowledge and expertise in various aspects of education. This includes everything from curriculum development and assessment to teacher training and school culture.

As an experienced educator with decades of experience in both teaching and administration roles, David Rubel has developed a broad range of skills and insights into what works best in education. Schools or districts that work with him can benefit from his wealth of experience without having to invest years into building similar expertise within their own staff.

Improved Student Performance

An effective education consultant like David Rubel can help schools or districts identify areas where student performance could be improved or optimized. This may involve analyzing test scores, classroom observations, or other metrics to pinpoint specific areas where students are struggling or not meeting expected standards.

Once these areas have been identified, the consultant can work with teachers and administrators to develop targeted interventions or strategies aimed at improving student learning outcomes. Another way that consultants like David Rubel can help improve student performance is by providing guidance on how best to use technology tools such as learning management systems (LMS), online resources, gamification apps, etc.

Better Teacher Morale

Teacher morale is critical for any school or district because it directly affects how engaged and motivated teachers are in their work. An education consultant like David Rubel can help improve teacher morale by providing professional development support, coaching, and training on topics such as classroom management or differentiated instruction. By improving teacher skills and confidence, consultants can help create a more positive working environment for educators that ultimately translates into improved student outcomes.

Moreover, David Rubel’s advisory services in developing various teaching methodologies make it easier for teachers to understand the material in a better way. With this guidance, teachers feel empowered to use their creativity and curiosity to teach students in novel ways that keep them engaged and interested in learning new things.

Positive School Culture

School culture is the set of values, beliefs, and practices that define how an educational institution operates. A positive school culture is critical for student success because it creates an environment where everyone feels supported, motivated, and respected.

David Rubel has extensive experience helping schools create positive cultures by promoting collaboration among staff members, fostering open communication channels between administrators and teachers, etc. An effective consultant like David Rubel can work with schools or districts to assess their current cultural strengths and weaknesses, identify areas of improvement and then develop strategies aimed at enhancing overall school culture.

Hiring an expert education consultant like David Rubel provides numerous benefits for any educational institution seeking to improve its performance. From expertise in the field to improved student performance, and better teacher morale to positive school culture; his services offer a wide range of advantages that can lead to long-term success.


Throughout this article, we have examined the role of an education consultant and the services offered by David Rubel, a well-respected education expert. We have learned about his educational background, professional experience, and areas of expertise in the field of education.

We have also explored some of the many benefits that schools and districts can gain from hiring a consultant like David Rubel. He has a proven track record of helping educational institutions improve student performance, teacher morale, school culture, and much more.

Hiring an expert like David Rubel is an excellent investment for any educational institution or organization looking to improve its overall performance. With his wealth of knowledge and experience in the field of education consulting, he can help schools and districts overcome their challenges and achieve their goals.

By working with him on various projects such as curriculum development or teacher training programs, institutions can maximize the potential of their resources while providing students with quality education. So if you’re looking to make a positive impact on your educational institution or organization’s success rate, consider consulting with David Rubel today!


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